The best solution for exercise is joining one of the running clubs in San Diego. Southern California is one of the leading places in the country for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Most of these groups are free and meet in parks or at the beach.

San Diego is a beach city, so many of the clubs choose to run along the beach's jogging paths or in the sand. Running in the sand is much more demanding, as the resistance provides much better muscle toning than concrete or asphalt.

People in the area have been promoting exercise along beaches like San Diego's Mission Beach for several years. There are plenty of water fountains and places for runners to stop and rest.

The running paths in the parks are also kept up very well. In fact, some of the parks even have separate paths for cycling, walking and running. Most of the running clubs in San Diego have weekly or bi-weekly meetups.

There are several different types of running clubs. Some are designed for serious runners who compete or run marathons. Groups for beginners, kids, teens, young adults, elderly individuals or singles also exist. Sometimes it may take a little perseverance to find the right group, but there are usually ads placed in newspapers, health food stores, gyms and libraries. Some of the free news circulars also have ads about running clubs, which are usually placed by people in the area.

Cycling clubs are another way to enjoy exercise and recreation in San Diego. There are ample bike paths throughout the city and along the beach. The parks also have them. Cycling clubs in San Diego usually meet frequently. Whether a person is a beginner, mountain biker or speed cyclist, there are plenty of club choices.

Cycling is one of the most popular forms of exercise to promote health in San Diego. The weather is mild all year and there is little rain, so that provides the perfect climate to enjoy outdoor recreation. Most of the cycling meetups are posted in gyms or bicycle shops. As with other health groups in San Diego, the cycling cubs are usually free to join.

As you can see, there's no shortage of social exercise options in San Diego.  Get up, get out there, and get fit in beautiful San Diego today!