Those visiting the city as well as locals who want to spend some leisure time with family and friends can find many free things to do in San Diego. In several community locations, public parks, recreation centers, and beaches are available at no cost. Downtown parks offer free concerts and events in San Diego. These days, when people are spending less money on entertainment, they can find places all over the Greater San Diego Metropolis where they can take their children or their friends for a day or an evening of fun.

One of the first free things to do in San Diego is visit Old Town. This area is where the state of California began. Old Town has historic buildings like stables, schoo houses, residences and more from the beginning of the settlement.

Walkers and bikers can go to the trails at Mission Bay Park. Dogs are welcome. This park is a good place for bird watching, as well. A created aquatic park, Mission Bay Park has protected wildlife areas. The public can explore the many available trails and watch for birds and animals.

The beaches of San Diego are free, public areas. Very popular with residents and travelers, beaches offer options of volley ball games with friends, long walks with a close friend, and creating family memories. Mission Beach has a boardwalk. La Jolla has secluded beaches with opportunities for wildlife encounters. Some beaches are perfect for surfing and surf watching.

When it comes to activities and events in San Diego, Balboa Park is the place, less than a five-minute drive from downtown. Important venues, the San Diego Zoo, and more are in or near this park, but it is also a public place for a variety of oudoor sports, recreation, picnics and barbecues, playground play and community events. Spreckels Organ Pavillion has a free organ concert every Sunday afternoon. Many of the museums at Balboa Park are free to city residents on Tuesdays.

San Diego has many communities with parks and other public areas that provide low or no cost activities and entertainments to draw people together.  What are you waiting for?  Get out there and explore San Diego today!